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The Interdisciplinary Graduate School (IGS) focuses on the key research areas within NTU's Peaks of Excellence in Sustainable Earth, Secure Community (previously known as New Media for AY2012-2015), Healthy Society (previously known as Future Healthcare for AY2013-2015) and Global Asia. Research in these areas span across different disciplines beyond the conventional school-based programmes. IGS leverages on professors from all the schools and colleges in NTU to undertake interdisciplinary research and to act as advisors for IGS PhD students.

With this approach, IGS aims to train a new generation of PhD students, who are exposed to an intensive seminar culture with ample interaction opportunities. This is in line with the best practices in leading overseas institutions.


Sustainable Earth



  1. Complexity Institute (CI)
  2. Earth Observatory of Singapore (EOS)
  3. Energy Research Institute @ NTU (ERI@N)
  4. Institute of Catastrophe Risk Management (ICRM)
  5. Nanyang Environment & Water Research Institute (NEWRI)
  6. Singapore Centre for Environmental Life Sciences and Engineering (SCELSE)


Secure Community (Previously known as New Media for AY2012-2015)


  1. Active Living for the Elderly (LILY)
  2. Institute for Media Innovation (IMI)
  3. Multi-Platform Game Innovation Centre (MAGIC)
  4. Rapid-Rich Object Search Lab (ROSE)


Healthy Society (Previously known as Future Healthcare for AY2013-2015)


  1. Ageing Research Institute for Society and Education (ARISE)
  2. NTU Institute for Health Technologies (HealthTech NTU)
  3. NTU-Northwestern Institute for Nanomedicine (NNIN)


Global Asia