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IGS Student Club Year End Activity
16 December 2018​
The year-end treasure hunt and BBQ event was a mix of team bonding and recreational activities. The participants were ​​enthusiastic and bonded well with one another to finish the treasure hunt tasks. BBQ dinner by the beach at Pasir Ris park was great. Overall, the event was a great success to end the academic year with a high note for the IGS fraternity.​​ 

IGS Student Club - Deepavali Celebration
12 November 2018​
​​Archery Pic.jpg

IGS Student Club - Tactical Archery Game
3 November 2018​


The event was organized as one of the recreational events of t​​he year. It serve​d as good leisure break from the monotonous routine of the IGS students and gave them a chance to mingle. Event also emphasized strongly on team building as it involved tactics planning, communication, coordination and courageous executi​on. 

Open Games.jpg
​IGS Student Club - Open Games 2018
13,14, 21 Oct and 4 - 5 Nov 2018​

The event was organized by IGS SC. The main objectives were to enhance the spirit of frienship, fellowship and sportsman​​ship amongst the graduate students and staff​​s of IGS and other schools in NTU.
To allow for maximum participation in the various events, it was held over 5 days.Each player/team in the top three places for each games held were awarded a priz (trophy/medal) and a certificate as a token of appreciation.


IGS Student Club - Welfare Event: HDB Cleanup
22 September 2018​

The event was conducted in collaboration with YMCA Youths, with the purpose of befriending and helping the disadvantaged elderly living in Jalan Bukit Merah with household chores. Care packages prepared by IGS were distributed. Overall, it was a meaningful occasion which raised awareness of the different issues that disadvantaged elderly face in Singapore. 

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IGS Student Club - Ukulele Workshop
14 September 2018​
The workshop was conducted by the Travelclef trainers at the Yunan corner. Participants learnt the basic chords, played simple songs and ended off by performing songs of their choice with the​ Ukulele. It w​as indeed a great start for students interested in learning string instruments​.
20180721 Summer Retreat_Cover.jpg
​IGS Student Club - Summer Retreat
21 July 2018​​
​​20180610 Bowling Day.jpg
​IGS Student Club - Bowling Day
10 June 2​​018​

20180422 IGS Welfare.jpg IGS Student Club - Welfare Event: Elementary English Workshop for Migrant Workers
22 April 2018​​​​​​​
20180328 IGS SC Python WS.jpg IGS Student Club - Deep Learning Workshop
28 March 20​18​

​IGS Student Club - Bonding Session
11 February 2018

​IGS Student Club - Year End Activity
17 December 2017

20171006 IGS-SC Archery.jpg
IGS Student Club - Recreational Archery Activity
6 October 2017

​IGS Annual Summer Retreat 2017
15 July 2017

​IGS Student Club - ArtScience Museum & Kite Flying Activity
17 June 2017

Dragon Boat.jpg IGS Student Club - Dragon Boat Activity
11 March 2017
Student Club Yacht.jpg IGS Student Club - Bonding Activity
26 February 2017

IGS Student Club - Year-End Activity
3 December 2016
Soccer Club.jpg IGS Football Club
Nursing Home Visit.jpg ​IGS Student Club - Orange Valley Nursing Home Visit
22 October 2016
poster.jpg ​​IGS Student Club - Photography & Lighroom Workshop
29 September 2016
night cycling.jpg ​IGS Student Club - Night Cycling Activity
3 September 2016
IGS Annual Summer Retreat 2016
1 July 2016​
Latex Workshop.jpg ​IGS Student Club - LaTex Workshop
1 June 2016
igs movie night 2016.jpg

​IGS Movie Night - X-Men Apocalypse
20 May 2016

Archery Fun Shoot.jpg IGS Student Club - Fun Shoot Archery
18 March 2016
igs-sc retreat.jpg IGS Student Club Retreat
14 November 2015
7 Essentials for Experimental Data Handling.jpg ​IGS Student Club - 7 Essentials for Experimental Data Handling Workshop
21 October 2015
​IGS Student Club - Photoshop Workshop
9 June 2015

​IGS Summer Retreat - Industrial Visit & Escape Hunt
30 May 2015

​Eye Am Aware Event
28 March 2015 

​IGS Student Club - Nail Art Workshop
21 March 2015

dragon boat.jpg

IGS Student Club (Dragon Boat Event)
8 August 2014​

​Games at IGS Orientation
5 August 2014
IGS Summer Retreat - St John Island, Kusu Island & Labrador Park
22 May 2014
archery4_gallery.png IGS​ Student Club (Archery Event)
21 March 2014
NTU_IGS_STUDENTEVENT_HRJPG_0090.jpg ​IGS Summer Retreat - Sentosa & West Coast Park
31 August 2013
student club orientation 2.jpg Games at Student Orientation
5 August 2013
​Bowling Session
31 May 2013
iron man 3.JPG

Movie Screening: Iron Man 3
10 May 2013