Doctor of Philosophy (For Research in Secure Community)


As Singapore looks set for her transformation into a global media city, the Peak of Excellence in Secure Community (previously known as New Media for AY2012-2015) provides a timely boost to position the country as one of the key strategic media centres in the Asia-Pacific region.

Endless opportunities await as the National Institute of Education and Ministry of Education work together to laterally translate new media research into teaching and learning pedagogies, preparing students for the 21st century workforce. Be it educational games or immersive teaching and learning environments, media data analytic or image and video processing, the Secure Community candidate can expect to gain hands-on, extensive exposure.

Pursue your PhD research with one of the research centre listed below. 




Spurred by Singapore’s call to make the development of Interactive Digital Media a national priority, IMI was launched in 2008 as a world-class interdisciplinary research institute with a core focus on virtual humans and social robots. Apart from projects such as virtual reality and 3D telepresence, fashion and cloth simulation, as well as medical simulation, IMI has a unique Immersive Room that allows viewers to be completely immersed in the virtual world, and a state-of-the-art Motion Capture System. IMI offers researchers the perfect environment for invention and exploration.

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Responding to the challenges of a rapidly ageing population, LILY was established with the aim of placing Singapore in a leading position in the emerging age-friendly economy. Focused on building an age-friendly technology ecosystem, the research areas of LILY spans from ageing studies, innovative ageing-in-place concepts, human-computer interaction, intelligent agent and multi-agent systems, social signal processing, cognitive and rehabilitation game design, interactive storytelling, distributed sensing technologies, service cloud to data mining and analytics. Along with the support and collaboration of government agencies, businesses and institutes of higher learning in Asia and North America, researchers can look forward to an enriching environment for exploring cutting-edge technologies and the opportunity to make a positive difference to the society.

Learn more about LILY at and their research here.





Hosting game researchers and practitioners focusing on disciplinary research in next generation games and related areas, MAGIC seeks to redefine gameplay through game development and innovation. The result is enhanced digital game experience tailored to meet the needs of inpiduals and businesses alike. Strong academic and industry partners from around the world will be involved to form a collaborative ecosystem for game research and innovation.

Learn more about MAGIC at and their research here.





With a focus on building the largest domain object database in Asia and providing mobile object search upon media cloud, ROSE is set to open new avenues in commerce, tourism, and education by enhancing visual search technology and creating a shared platform for media cloud innovation. Not only does ROSE partner with Peking University to advance the core technologies, it also works with international industry leaders to commercialise them with an aim of impacting the creation, delivery and consumption of new media content in everyday life.

Learn more about ROSE at and their research here.