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Doctor of Philosophy (For Research in Sustainable Earth)

As humankind and life forms evolve, their relationship with the environment also changes. Sustainability and the earth’s ability to meet the needs of both current and future generations is a growing global concern. As a case in point, Singapore expects the clean-tech sector to contribute 18,000 jobs and S$3.4 billion to gross domestic product by 2015.

Through a holistic approach, the Sustainable Earth thrust, also identified as the “peak of peaks”, empowers research on clean water, alternative energy, clean technologies, urban systems and geological risks.


Doctor of Philosophy (For Research in Secure Community)

As Singapore looks set for her transformation into a global media city, the Peak of Excellence in Secure Community (previously known as New Media for AY2012-2015) provides a timely boost to position the country as one of the key strategic media centres in the Asia-Pacific region.

Endless opportunities await as the National Institute of Education and Ministry of Education work together to laterally translate new media research into teaching and learning pedagogies, preparing students for the 21st century workforce. Be it educational games or immersive teaching and learning environments, media data analytic or image and video processing, the Secure Community candidate can expect to gain hands-on, extensive exposure.

Doctor of Philosophy (For Research in Healthy Society)

The Peak of Research Excellence in Healthy Society (Healthy Living, Active Ageing), previously Future Healthcare Peak of Excellence for AY2013-2015, has emerged as a very prominent Peak especially with the establishment of the Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine. The Peak serves as a coordinating platform at the convergence of medicine, health, engineering, technology, sciences, business and humanities that integrates research, education and innocation to address the challenge faced by rapidly ageing societies including Singapore. The Peak will work towards promoting healthy living and mitigating the impact of ageing through technological innovations in human health and medicine. In addition, it will strengthen clinical interface for research with multiple healthcare institutions such as National Healthcare Group and Singapore Health Services to advance healthcare in Singapore. Endless opportunities await the Healthy Society candidates who are passionate about making an impact on Singapore's health system and ultimately, changing people's lives for the better.

Doctor of Philosophy (For Research in Global Asia)

Bringing a new focus and understanding to the rapid transformation of Asia and its linkages to the rest of the world, Global Asia Peak integrates a broad spectrum of research strengths across the University including business studies, social sciences, the humanities and the natural sciences.

The Peak takes advantage of Singapore's geographical position at the heart of Asia and NTU's competitive advantage in business studies, international policies and the arts as well as strong roots and links to China, India and the surrounding parts of Southeast Asia. Asia accounts for 60% of the world's population, one third of its GDP and is now recognised as the supply chian and manufacturing hub of the planet. Understanding the new Global Asia has never been more important and the continuing growth of Asia is of particular relevance to Singapore. With the aim of contributing to the national development of Singapore in Asian context and offer academic leadership in this area, the Peak will adopt three foci - Business Asia, Cultural Asia and Transformational Asia.

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