Student Seminar Series


Upcoming Student Seminar Series

​Date Name​ RC Abstract Title​
18 Jan 2017 ​FACT -​ ​F.A.C.T.S. - Your Research Partner, An Introduction for Graduate Students
​Molly Anne Moynihan ​EOS ​Chemical and Mechanical Properties of Coral Skeletons
​Lu Nanjun ERIAN ​Vehicle to Grid Technology and its Implications
​Montesdeoca Santiago Esteban MAGIC ​Turning your Conference Experience into an Internship
8 Feb 2017 ​Teh Wooi Keong SCELSE ​Is Lab-grown Meat an Alternative to Meat in the Future?
​Melike Begum Tanis ​NEWRI ​DOTM: A Method for the Observation of Membrane Fouling Phenomena
​Huang Zhilian ​NITHM ​mHealth: Enhancing Population Health Through Mobile Technologies
​Zhang Xin NEWRI My Conference Experience @ 1st International Conference on Impact Loading of Structures and Materials
1 Mar 2017 ​Dickescheid Andreas ​NNIN ​Polymer-Drug Conjugates for Controlled Release of Hydrophilic Drugs
​Li Yangyang ​NEWRI ​Why a Tree Tends to Fail During or After Windstorms?
​Lahanda Purage Mohasha Isuru Sampath ERIAN ​Optimal Power Flow Methods and System Architectures for Future Transmission
​David Giovanni ERIAN ​My Conference Experience @ 2016 Photonics West
15 Mar 2017 ​Leong Mei Chee IMI ​Human Pose Recovery from 2D Images
​Tan Chee Fan ​NITHM ​pSILAC: An In-vivo Labelling Method for Mass Spectrometry-based Quantitative Proteomics
​Withanage Don Chanaka Udayanga NEWRI ​Waste as a Reources - Opportunities and Challenges
​Yang Qin ​NEWRI ​My Conference Experience @ The International Anammox Symposium (IANAS 2015)
22 Mar 2017 ​Samarasinghe Sulashi Chathushka NEWRI ​Development of Composite Membrance for Biogas Upgrading
​Liong Venice Erin Baylon ROSE ​Compact Feature Learning for Visual Representation and Search
Qian Hangwei LILY ​Activity Recognition via Learning from Distributions
Abhijit Vijay Salvekar ​NITHM ​My Conference Experience @ The 2016 Symposium on Biomaterials Science
12 Apr 2017 ​Lim Wei Qi NNIN Producing Self-delivery Systems for Cancer Therapy
Ng Yan Fong ERIAN ​Luminous Perovskite Semiconductors for Next Generation Light-Emitting Diodes
Tan Wei Yi Mark NITHM ​Wound Healing: A Closer Look at Chronic Wounds and Their Implications on Our Lives
Chen Yunfeng NEWRI ​My Conference Experience @ 2nd International Conference on Desalination and Environment
19 Apr 2017 ​Tan Pei Yen ​NEWRI ​Mechanisms of Biofilm Initiation on Solid Surfaces
​Nur Fadilah Bte Jamaludin ERIAN ​Let There Be Light! Illuminating the Future with Perovskite-based Light Emitting Devices
​Lim Chew Leng ​NITHM ​Cancer, Why is it so hard to treat?
Jiang Mingtao ​NEWRI My Conference Experience @ 36th IAHR World Congress
9 May 2017​ ​Tan Tsiat Siong ​ICRM ​The Energy Paradox: Addressing the Energy - Efficiency Gap
​Padinhare Sholakkal Harikesh ​ERIAN ​Freedom with Free Software
​Zhang Hui ​NEWRI ​Molecular Dynamics in Membrane-based Water Treatment Processes
​Daniele Cortecchia ​ERIAN ​My Conference Experience @ MRS Spring Meeting 2015