Student Seminar Series


Upcoming Student Seminar Series

​Date Name​ RC Abstract Title​
7 February 2018
Do Minh Phuong
Ionic Liquid - Next Generation Electrolytes for Safer Batteries
Wan Renjie ROSE
Depth of Field Guided Reflection Removal
Sundar Dhivya
Sustainable Wind Turbines for Tropical Wind Conditions and Rare Extreme Conditions
Kumar Anupam
My Research Experience  at NTU
21 February 2018
Soh Yan Ni Annie
Investigating the Changes in Soluble Microbial Products (SMP) with Difference Feed Types and its Relation to Membrane Fouling
Dahanayaka Liyanage Anulla Madhavi Indulatha
Modelling of Graphene-based Thin Films for Seawater Desalination
Das Pravita
Fabrication of a Three-Dimensional Disease Model to Study the Progression of Liver Fibrosis in vitro
Chen Yan
The Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference
7 March 2018
Wan Jane Hui HealthTech NTU
​Topical Delivery of Systemic Therapeutic Agents for Use in Skin Imflammatory Disorders
​Feng Han
​NEWRI ​Applications of Photo-(Electro-)Catalysis (PEC) in Organic Wastewater Purification
Lim Kim Loong
​ICRM ​Energy Usage Behaviour: Optimizing Information Intervention Design
​Wu Bingjie
​ERIAN ​My Conference Experience - 2016 Purdue Conferences
​21 March 2018 Tan Zi Hian HealthTech NTU​ ​DNA as Data Storage Media
​Liu Hao ​ERIAN ​Thermoacoustic Power Systems for Waste Heat Recovery
​Wang Ting ​NEWRI ​Incineration Bottom Ash (IBA) Based Catalytic Materials for Waste Gas Management
Gu Jiuxiang
​ROSE ​From Natural Language Processing to Computer Vision + Natural Language Processing
11 April 2018​ ​ ​ ​ ​Cui Mingyue ​NEWRI ​Inorganic Nanoparticles Based Sensors for Rapid Bacterial Detection
​Acharya Jyotibdha ​HealthTech NTU ​My Conference Experience - 2017 EMBC
​Yao Shuhan ​ICRM ​Energy Management in Smart Districution Systems Considering Mobile Energy Storage
​Low Yeow Teck Aloysius ​HealthTech NTU
​90 Days in the East Coast of the United States
​​​18 April 2018​​​ ​Benjamin Tay Zikai ​HealthTech NTU ​Microfluidics Modelling of Interstitial Flow Through a Tumor
​Lin Pengfeng ​​ERIAN​ ​Introduction to Microgrid and Power Sharing Concepts
​Hou Xiangting ​Complexity ​Route Inference: Map Matching Through GPS Trajectories​
​- ​- ​-
​​​​19 September 2018  ​Fan Simiao ​ERIAN ​Two-phase immersion boiling for high power electronics
​Zhang Huajun ​ICRM ​System Hurricane Resilience Assessment Considering Fuel Supply System
​Dintakurti Sri Harsha Satya Sai ​ERIAN ​Understand Structural Dynamics in Organic - Inorganic Hybrid Lead Halide Perovskites
​Tasic Justyna Katarzyna ​ICRM ​My PhD Journey
​​3 October 2018 ​He Xiaoyu ​MAGIC ​A High-speed and Accurate 3D Measurement Technique: Fringe Projection Profilometry
​Zhou Ao ​HealthTech NTU ​Hyperthyroidism/ hypothyroidism detection based on in-depth basal body temperature monitoring
​Bairoliya Sakcham ​SCELSE ​Extracellular DNA in Monochloraminated Drinking Water Distribution Systems - Occurrence, Sources, Fate and Implications
​Kanbur Baris Burak ​ERIAN ​My PhD Journey from 2015 to 2019
​​17 October 2018 ​Chen Zhuo ​ROSE ​Intermediate Deep Feature Compression: the Next Battlefield of Intelligent Sensing
Foo Shini ​ERIAN ​Controllable layers of 3-dimensionally ordered macroporous Lanthanum-based perovskite as a promising electrocatalyst for efficient oxygen
​Low Ying Zhen ​​HealthTech NTU ​Chitosan-functionalised Graphene Oxide as Nanocarrier for Chemotherapy of Bladder Cancer
​Sheetal Sinha NEWRI ​My PhD Journey
24 October 2018​ ​​ ​​ ​ ​Nair Zeus Jaren ​SCELSE ​E. faecalis Anti-microbial Resistance
​Lai Hui Ying ​NEWRI ​Understanding The Behavior and Interaction of Human Hair Keratin Subtypes
​Gopi Tejasri ​NEWRI ​Biological Treatement Of Dye Based Waste Water in A Sequencing Batch Reactor (Sbr) With Strains Immobilized On Carriers
​Huang Zhilian ​​​HealthTech NTU ​My PhD Journey
14 November 2018 Liu Hao ERIAN Improving Turbocharger Turbine Efficiency Through Secondary Flow Injection
Ranjan Vivek Damodar ​HealthTech NTU Design and Development of a 3D in vitro model for Alzheimer's Disease
​​Tan Yong Xing ​​NEWRI ​Urinary & Salivary Metabolomics: New Bio Fluids To Monitor Human Gut Microbiome
​​Jimenez Arreola Manuel ​​ERIAN​ ​My PhD Journey