Student Seminar Series



Date​ Name​ RC​ Abstract Title​
27 Jan 2016 ​Wang Luyuan Paul ​ERIAN ​Sodium Ion Batteries - Viable Alternative for Energy Storage?
​Ong Li Lin ​NITHM Orthogonal Protection and Deprotection of Sucrose for Synthesis of Sucrose Derivatives
​Ng Kia Sheun Leonard ​ERIAN ​How Colours Affect Us
​Oh Wen Da ​NEWRI ​My Conference & Germany Research Experience @ 4th European Conference on Environmental Applications of Advanced Oxidation Processes (EAAOP4)
3 Feb 2016 ​Ng Wei Beng ​NITHM ​Acadenmic vs Corporate Research: An Insider's Perspective
​Tasic Justyna Katarzyna ​ICRM ​Community-based Disaster Resilience
​Chew Guan Pin ​NEWRI ​Membrane Distillation for Water Treatment
​Assaf Cohen NITHM ​Targeted Therapy Method
17 Feb 2016 ​Lian Yilong ​NITHM ​Zebrafish as Model Organism
​Miao Bin ​ERIAN ​A Brief Introduction to Catalysis Mechanism
​Xu Yilin ​NEWRI ​Introduction for Chinese Classsical Garden
​Yeo Jia Ling Bibianna ​NEWRI ​My Conference Experience @ Euromembrane 2015
2 Mar 2016 ​Phua Wen Ting Wendy ​NITHM ​Your Favourite Fat: Sugar
​Zhang Ran ​ERIAN ​Visible Light Based Indoor Positioning System
​Luo Man ​NITHM ​G6PD Mediates Metastasis-derived Doxorubicin Resistance of Triple Negative Breast Cancer
​Hao Shuji ​LILY ​My Conference Experience @ 24th ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM 2015)
9 Mar 2016
​Oh Hui Yun Penny ​NITHM ​Obesity-Diabetes: A Chronobiological Disease
​Chen Zhen ​ERIAN ​A Brief Introduction: Working Mechanism and Manufacturing about Lithium-ion Batteries
​Karunanithi Jeyannathann ​SCELSE ​Utopian Castastrophes
​Lua Shun Kuang ​NEWRI ​​My Conference Experience @ 4th European Conference on Environmental Applications of Advanced Oxidation (EAAOP4)
16 Mar 2016 ​Montesdeoca Santiago ​MAGIC ​Perfectly Imperfect 3D Computer Graphics
​Kanbur Baris Burak ​ERIAN ​Exergy: Efficient Way for Sustainable Development
​Li Weiran ​EOS ​Diving into Volcanoes by Studying Volatiles in Apatite
​Niu Zhaojie ​LILY ​​My Conference Experience @ 7th IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing Technology and Science
23 Mar 2016 ​Zhao Jinliang ​ERIAN ​Artificial Intelligence: Angel or Devil?
​Toh Hui Ting ​NITHM Nurr1 - A Promising Drug Target for Parkinson's Disease
​Zhang Chi ​LILY ​A Brief Introduction to Online Machine Learning
​Marcin Karol Rowinski ​ERIAN ​​My Conference Experience @ The 23rd International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE 23)
6 Apr 2016 ​Zhang YIming NITHM ​Nanotechnology for Oral Delivery of Insulin
​Michele Xiloyannis ​NITHM ​Design of a Tendon-Driven Glove for Grasping Assistance
​Mai Van Cuong ​NEWRI ​Fog Collector: Amazing Bioinspired Material
​Zhang Guizhen ​NEWRI ​My Conference Experience @ European Safety and Reliability Conference (ESREL 2016)
13 Apr 2016 ​Chakraborty Debsubhra ​IMI Real-time Sociofeedback and Its Applications
​​Muniraj Vivek Sheraton ​NITHM Understanding Evolution of Biofilm Structures
​Suriyanto ​NITHM ​Historical Journey of Cancer Treatment
​Guo Fanghong ​ERIAN ​My Conference Experience @ 2015 IEEE 13th International Conference on Industrial Infomatics (INDIN)
4 May 2016 ​Yang Guang ​ERIAN ​Energy Storage: Lithium Ion Batteries and More
​Huang Tan ​ERIAN ​Nanostructure in Art and Science
​Mu Chenzhong ​ERIAN ​​My Conference Experience @ 20th International Conference on Composite Materials (ICCM)
11 May 2016 Wu Bingjie ERIAN ​Evolution of Air Conditioning System
​Wang Zhe ​ERIAN ​On the Singularity and Vortex Physics
​Tan Woan Shin ​NITHM ​Results of the Liberalisation of Medisave for a Population-based Diabetes Management Programme in Singapore
​Nguyen Hai Dang ​ERIAN ​My Conference Experience @ 20th International Conference on Composite Materials (ICCM)
17 Aug 2016 ​FACTS ​- ​F.A.C.T.S. - Your Research Partner, An Introduction for IGS Students
​Pu Liyun ​ERIAN ​Enhancing the Carbonation Potential and Sustainability of MgO Cements
​Wang Jiacheng ​ERIAN ​My Conference Experience @ IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (IEEE ISCAS) 2016
​24 Aug 2016 ​Wong Xing Fah Alex ​NITHM ​Cancer: Can We Catch 'em All?
​Shao Hongxin ​ERIAN ​A Brief Introduction to Deep Learning
​Anastasia Darwitan ​NNIN ​Nanomedicine for Glaucoma: A Sustained Drug Release Formulation from Nanocarrier
​Dang Van Thuy ​ERIAN ​My Conference Experience @ 14th European Control Conference (ECC15)
7 Sept 2016 ​Jain Abhishek ​NEWRI ​A Deep Mechanistic Investigation of Heavy Metal Stress in Bacterium Caulobacter Crescentus
​Tay Wei Hong ​SCELSE ​Social Media for Researchers
​7th University Scholars Leadership Symposium (USLS) ​- ​Our Experience @ 7th USLS in Hanoi
​Zhang Xiao ​ERIAN ​My Conference Experience @ European Materials Research Society Spring Meeting 2016
​14 Sept 2016 ​David Giovanni ​ERIAN ​Introduction to Ultrafast Femtosecond Optical Spectroscopy
​Vasudevan Sriram ​ERIAN They Breed and We Bleed - ZIKA!
​Auyeung Shang Yong Benjamin ​​NITHM ​Probiotics: Yay or Nay
​Pham Minh Thanh ​​NEWRI ​My Conference Experience @ World Congress on Anaerobic Digestion
​​ ​21 Sept 2016 ​Low Yeow Teck Aloysius ​​NITHM ​Functional and Molecular Characterisation of the Deep Cerebellar Nuclei within the Cerebellum Using Optogenetics
​​Benny Febriansyah ​ERIAN ​Wonders of Halometalates-based Semiconducting Materials in Photovoltaic Applications
​Brenda Tien Yin Qi ​NITHM ​Are Microbes the Future of Forensic Science?
​Zhao Guili ​​NEWRI ​​My Conference Experience @ 12th World Filtration Congress (WFC)
​5 Oct 2016 ​Zhang Kaixi ​NITHM ​No ESKAPE! Humans vs Superbugs: Who will Win?
​Chen Youfu ​MAGIC ​Dead Reckoning Algorithms in Distributed Virtual Environments
​Chin Shiuan, Daniel Lio ​NNIN ​Tracking Wound Healing Dynamics with Gold Nanoparticle Beacon
​Tan Peng Lung James COMPLEXITY ​My Conference Experience @ Conferencer on Complex Systems 2015
​12 Oct 2016 ​Daniel Ng Yee Fan ​​NEWRI ​Pressure Retarded Osmosis (PRO) and its Potential as a Renewable Energy Alternative
​Dong Yi ​LILY ​Understanding the Needs of the Elderly and Opportunities for AAL Systems
​Suriyanto ​NITHM ​Doing Well by Doing Good
My Volunteer Experience @ ASEAN Youth Volunteer Programme
​19 Oct 2016 ​Erica Teo Mei Ling ​​NITHM ​Skin Cancer
​Fernando W W Busabaduge Ishara ​​NEWRI ​Aggreration Kinetics of Silver Nanoparticles in the Biological Waste Water Treatment System
​​Ge Liuhao ​​IMI ​Robust 3D Hand Pose Estimation in One Depth Image: From Single-View CNN to Multi-View CNNs
​Huynh Bao Huy ​ERIAN ​My Conference Experience @ IEEE/ASME International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics
​2 Nov 2016 ​Ghimire Purna Chandra ​​ERIAN ​​A Brief Introduction to Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries
​Dilhara Sethunga ​​NEWRI High Performing Hollow Fiber Membranes for Gas-Liquid Membrance Contactor Applications
​Hu Yidan ​​SCELSE ​Engineering Thickness-Controllable Biofilms Through Synthetic Biology Approaches
​​Chong Wee Kiang ​​ERIAN ​​My Conference Experience @ 2016 Photonics West
​16 Nov 2016 ​Gupta Sulagna ​NEWRI ​Biofermentation of Okara for Poultry Feed
​Volkan Kumtepeli ​​ERIAN ​Model Predictive Load Frequency Control
​Kho Shu Hui ​NITHM ​Significance of Glycan-Protein Interactions in Our Human Body and its Potential Bioapplications
​Chua Hui Yee ​NITHM ​​My Conference Experience @ 2016 ARVO Annual Meeting, Research: A Vision of Hope