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23 Jan 2015
Liu Yiquan
Autoclaved Aerated Concrete
​Zeng Zhiping
Water Supply and Sanitation in Singapore
Poh Wee Han
​Antibacterial Products - Good or Bad?
​Velautham Daksiya NEWRI​ ​Importance of Proper Sleeping Schedule for a PhD Student
​30 Jan 2015 ​Chua Rou Hua ERIAN Poster Presentation @ the 29th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition (Amsterdam, September 2014)
6 Feb 2015​ ​ ​ ​ ​Nie Lina ​NEWRI ​Two Interesting Inventions: Navi-torch and A New Dimension of Touch
​Kumar Ashish ​LILY ​Qualitative Analysis of Human Activity
​Chua Chong Wei, Stephen ​EOS ​Once Upon a Time in Singapore...
​Zhang Xin ​NEWRI ​Application of Shear Thickening Fluid in Body Armor

13 Feb 2015

Ranjani Rajenthiran ​NITHM Coronary Artery Stents
​Chaudhuri Tanaya ​ERIAN ​The Future of Smart Air Conditioner
​Do Thi Mai ​NEWRI ​SAMBR For Domestic Wastewater Treatment
​Guo Qingyu ​LILY Application of Computational Game Theory in Security Issues
6 Mar 2015​ ​Swaroop Narayanan Nair ​ERIAN Some Familiar Automobile Engine Technologies
​Tan Wen See ​NEWRI Lifestyle Products via 3D Printing: Feasibility & Examples
Tan Mingrui, Joel ​ERIAN Special Topic: My Exchange Experience
​13 Mar 2015 ​Koon Yen Ling ​NITHM ​Population Biology of Infectious Diseases
​Dang Van Thuy ​ERIAN ​Numerical Methods for solving Equation: Bisection Method
​Lim Chun Hwee ​NITHM ​Bacteria & You: Staying clean for better health?
​Jiun Hui ​NEWRI Special Topic: My Conference Experience@ the 7th International Desalination Workshop
20 Mar 2015​ ​Anu Susan Skaria ​ROSE ​Mobile Visual Search
​Christopher Alexander McCallum ​EOS ​Volcanology in Singapore
​Wang Fei ​NEWRI Materials for Emergency Water Treatment
​Kumaravel Kandaswamy ​SCELSE ​Special Topic: My Conference Experience @ Biofilms 6 International Conference
27 Mar 2015​ ​Ma Qinglang ​NEWRI ​Basics of Investing
​Khan Amit Kumar ​NITHM ​Artificial Organs
​Pan Zhengxiang ​LILY Citizen Science & Meaningful Life as a Fresh IGS Scholar
​Lim Ziyou ERIAN​ Special Topic: My Conference Experience @ the 40th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society- IECON 2014
​10 Apr 2015 ​Wu Qiong ERIAN​ ​Introduction of Liquid Desiccant Dehumidification System
​Nam Gwang-hyeon ​NITHM ​Introduction of Biomimetics for Self-cleaning
​Shen Nan ​ERIAN ​Introduction on Lithium Ion Battery and Its Development
​Liu Guangxin ​EOS Special​ Topic: My Conference Experience @ AGU Fall Meeting 2014

​17 Apr 2015

​Zhang Liping ​ERIAN ​Introduction of a New Kind of Material: Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs)
​Gu Jun ​NEWRI ​Mainstream Municipal Wastewater Treatment with Anammox
​Ammanath Gopal ​NITHM ​Biosensors: Point of Care Diagnostics
​Lee Jian Yuan ​NEWRI ​Special Topic: Breaking the Wall of Green Talents 2015
8 May 2015 ​Sukriti Gupta ​ERIAN ​Vanadium Redox Batteries: Functioning, Advantages and Challenges
​Hotra Adam ​NITHM ​Aspartame vs Sugar: Which is Better for you?
​Wang Wei ​LILY ​Introduction to Some Large Scale Machine Learning Systems
​Gao Shan ​LILY ​Special Topic:My Conference Experience @ The 2014 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks