Student Seminar Series



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Research Centre
14 Feb 2014
Ku Wei Chiet
Introduction to ​MATLAB
​Chua Hui Yee
 Surfactants in Beer
Lim Siow Kee
​Solvent Resistant Nanofiltration - An Emerging Technology for Molecular Separations
​21 Feb 2014 ​Ngaw Chee Keong ​ERIAN ​Ultra-small TiO2 Hollow Spheres for an Enhanced H2 Production
​Feng Kaiyu ​LILY ​An Introduction to Graph Mining
​Vu Thanh Tung ​NEWRI ​Cloud Computing in Analysis of Flood Propagation and Inundation Modelling
​Jerripothula Koteswar Rao ​ROSE ​Introduction to Machine Learning
​7 Mar 2014 Harikrishnan Anjaly Sukumaran Nair​ SCELSE​ Artificial Selection: Are​ We Speeding Up the End of the World?
​Aravind Muthiah ​ERIAN ​Lithium Ion Battery Failures: Real Life Events and Their Solutions
​Dinh Quang Huy ​IMI ​Angmented Reality: An Introduction
​Yu Xinjia LILY​ ​Motivations for Senior Citizens to Use Innovative Technologies
​14 Mar 2014 Juay Jermyn​ NEWRI​ ​Procrastination - The Devil
​Yan Wangcheng ​COMPLEXITY ​An Introduction to Agent-based Modeling
​Bevita Kallupalathinkal Chandran ​ERIAN ​Photocatalytic Water-splitting Reaction: An Environment Friendly Way to Produce Hydrogen
​Yuan Shufang ​EOS ​A Brief Introduction on How Earth's Climate Changes
​21 Mar 2014 ​Cheng Zihao ​ERIAN ​Introduction to Motion Detection Based on Depth Camera
​Fan Yanliang NITHM​ ​Diabetes Mellitus
28 Mar 2014 ​Kanamaralapudi Venkata Ravi Kishore ​ERIAN ​Introduction to Wireless Charging
​Chai Woon Huei ​ERIAN ​Bag of Words Models in Image Classification
​Huynh Bao Huy ​ERIAN ​VIVACE: A New Concept in Generation of Clean and Renewable Energy from Fluid Flow
​Cao Qi ​ERIAN ​Control Theory in Computer System
4 Apr 2014 ​Goh Aik Ling ​ERIAN ​Biomimicry - The Wonders of Nature
​Daniele Cortecchia ​ERIAN ​Perovskite-based Solar Cells
​G.A.S.K. Jayasinghe ​NEWRI ​Micro Algae as a Source of Biofuel
11 Apr 2014 ​Kim Jun Seob ​ERIAN ​The Mars One Initiative
​Hou Jinghua ​LILY ​Introduction to Memory
​Guo Fanghong ​ERIAN ​Introduction of Multi-agent Based Control in Microgrid Systems
​16 May 2014 ​Lin Jiwei ​ICRM ​Interdependence
​Chan Wei Wei ​NEWRI ​IGS Experience of the Past One Year
​Vijayalakshmi Govindarajan ​NITHM ​The Process of Wound Healing
​Dan Roizman Sade ​SCELSE ​The Evolution of Life on Earth, in Light of Mass Extinctions
​23 May 2014 ​Pham Minh Thanh ​NEWRI ​Submerged Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor - The Future of Wastewater Treatment Technology
​Cheng Xuntao ​LILY ​Introduction to Stream Computing
​Assaf Cohen ​NITHM ​Targeted Therapy Method
​Huynh Nam Khoa ​ERIAN ​Golden Mean and Its Applications in Life
​22 August 2014 Matthias Chan Yong Shun​ ​LILY ​Social Judgment Theory
​Ju Chengquan ​ERIAN ​Introduction to Demand Response
​Jogdeo Prasanna ​SCELSE ​Duckweed - Uses and Advantages
​Nguyen Ngoc Vu ​ERIAN ​Fundamentals of Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) and Its Application
​29 August 2014 Nguyen Hai Dang​ ​ERIAN ​Innovative Designs of Wind Turbines
​Cao Zhiguang ​ERIAN ​Stochastic Shortest Path for On-road Vehicles
​Chen Huizhi ​NITHM ​Bio-inspired Self-healing Composites
​5 September 2014 ​Ng Chun Kiat SCELSE​ Bionanotechnology​
​Chen Yunfeng ​NEWRI ​Pressure Retarded Osmosis Membranes: Challenges and Development
​Kevin Lim Chee Kuan ​ERIAN ​High Temperature Seawater Electrolysis
​12 September 2014 ​Abhiruchi Suresh Gadgil ​ERIAN Lessons from a Young Scientist
​Hou Yaqing ​MAGIC ​Memetic Multi-agent System
​Nguyen Duy Tam ​ERIAN ​Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion
​Jin Mengyi ​NEWRI ​Nanofibrous Membrane Fabrication via Electrospinning Technique
​19 September 2014 ​Zhang Xiao ​ERIAN ​Nanotechnology is Changing the World
​Nguyen Huy Tiep ​ERIAN ​Ferroelectric Random Access Memory (FeRAM)
​Amitaksha Saha ​SCELSE ​Introduction to Biofilms
​26 September 2014 ​Oh Wen Da ​NEWRI ​Carbon Nanomaterials for Environmental Application
​Li Zhuyun ​NITHM ​Brain Machine Interface
​Xia Yang ​NEWRI ​Acoustofluidic Device for Microbial Pre-concentration in Drinking Water
​Sun Haoqi ​ERIAN ​Computational Neuroscience for Dummies
​3 October 2014 ​Lu Yihua ​ERIAN ​Nanotechnoody and Its Impact on Future
​Dang Tran Chien ​NEWRI ​Microbial Fuel Cell
​Chen Haipeng ​LILY ​Hierarchical Dynamic Coalition Formation Game in Multiple Cloud-base Hadoop Platforms
​10 October 2014 ​Niu Li ​ROSE ​Learning From Web Data
​Hitomi Shirahama ​NITHM ​In Vitro Meat
​17 October 2014 ​Tay Li Min ​NITHM ​The PhD Coffee - Good or Bad?
​Hao Shiji ​ERIAN ​Solid Electrolyte Interface Film and Scanning Electrochemical Microscope Anodic Diagnostic Technique for Lithium Ion Batteries
​N Satheesh Kumar ​ERIAN ​Increasing Efficiency of Ecological Vehicles by Integrating Auxillary Units Directly to the Traction Shaft
​Chen Zhida ​ROSE ​Cloud Computing: Powerful Computing Resources through the Internet
​24 October 2014 ​Phua Zhenghui ​NEWRI ​Problems and Potential of Incineration Fly Ash
​Nguyen Trong Trung Anh ​ERIAN ​Image Processing and Reference to Application Tools
​Le Quang Tuan ​NEWRI ​Combined Statistical Spatial Downscaling and Temporal Disaggregation Method for Urban Storm Drainage Studies under the Context of Climate Change
​Zhu Xinyi ​SCELSE ​Food Hygiene
​31 October 2014 ​Lam Zhenhui ​ERIAN ​Hydrogen as Sustainable Energy
​Sachindra Thilomini Cooray ​NEWRI ​Energing Contaminants in Water
​Ding Yichen ​SCELSE ​Human Gut Mircobiota
​Tra Trung Anh ​ROSE ​Sparse Representation and Auto-Encoder
​7 November 2014 ​Sheetal Sinha ​NEWRI ​Antimicrobial Polymers
​Sujata Annavarapur Murty ​EOS ​Using Corals to Understand Past Climate Change
​Teng Long ​ERIAN ​Control of Inverted Pendulums
​Liang Yunfeng ​NITHM ​Introduction of Melasma - A Common Skin Pigmentation Problem
​14 November 2014 ​Tan Jun Hou ​SCELSE ​Mechanisms of Biofilm Resistance to Antimicrobial Agents
​Guo Tao ​ROSE ​Nodes Similarity Measuring in Graphs
​Wang Peng ​NEWRI ​Oil Removal by Resin
​Muhammad Bakhait ​NITHM ​Cutting Off Cancer's Supply Line
​5 December 2014 ​Lim Swee Sien ​ERIAN ​Transient Absorption Spectroscopy and What It Can Do For Us
​Nguyen Minh Sang ​ERIAN ​Introduction to Vibration Energy Harvesting
​Yang Qin ​NEWRI ​What's the Destinu of Human Waste? - Introduction to Ancient and Modern Sewage Treatment Process
​Vikram Shenoy Handiru ​NITHM ​Brain Computer Interface - An Overview