Student Seminar Series



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16 Aug 2013
Qin Detao
An Introductory Talk about Forward Osmosis
Wu Can
 Ionisation Dynaimcs of Sodium Clusters by Thomas-Fermi-Vlasov Method
Hao Shuji
 Online Social Media Data Mining
Feng Shanshan NEWRI​ ​Crawl Data from Internet with Python
23 Aug 2013 Ee Changshun Andrew IMI A Savor of Leadership: The Sloan Leadership Model
Tan Delfinn Sweimay NEWRI Experience in Interdisciplinary Graduate School (Results may vary)
​Liu Guangxin ​EOS ​How Do We Know the Age of the Earth?
​Nguyen Anh Phuong ​ERIAN ​Application of Raman Spectroscopy in Characterisation of Graphene Based Materials
Gao Shan LILY User Modelling in Ambient Assistant Living Environment
Jedrzej Marcin Majewski EOS Gathering Field Data in Island Southeast Asia: Sea Level and Tsunami Work in Aceh and Other Parts of Indonesia
30 Aug 2013 Tan Yang En Seth SCELSE How to Reduce Your Stress Levels
Liu Zhe ERIAN Applications of Computer Temography on Damage Characterisation for Composites
Chen Bo NEWRI MoS2 Nanosheets: Preparation, Properties and Applications
Arish Shareef Koottungal Paramba ERIAN Energy Harvesting in the Microwatts Power Range
​Gong Yifan ​NEWRI ​Introduction to Cloud Computung
6 Sept 2013 Goh Kunli NEWRI Effective Instructional Strategies to Enhance Teaching Competency of a Teaching Assistant
Lee Pui Mun NEWRI Rapid Prototyping
Cai Tian Yu ERIAN Modelling and Controller Design for Tidal Power PMSG
Bai Lichun ERIAN Introduction to Nano-friction
​13 Sept 2013 ​Varun Chaudhary ERIAN​ Magnectic Cooling​
Paolo Lova​ ERIAN​ Wet Chemical Etching for Semiconductors Nanostructuration​
​Li Junxia NEWRI​ Reuse of Recycled Concrete Fines for the Production of High Performance Fiber-reinforced Concrete​
Lim Ziyou​ ERIAN​ Little Red Dot - A Sustainable Future City​
Low Jiun Hui​ NEWRI​ Introduction to Optical and Imaging Techniques and Its Application in Digital Imaging​
​20 Sept 2013 ​Krishnakumar Sivakumar SCELSE​ ​Syntrophics Interactions in Microbial World
Priono​ NEWRI​ Introduction to Rainfall-induced Slope Failures​
Lucinda Elizabeth Doyle SCELSE​ Extracellular Electron Transfer in Electroactive Bacteria​
Ding Yuanzhao​ SCELSE​ Introduction on Fluorescence Microscopy​
Anurag Krishna​ ERIAN​ Perovskite Sensitised Solid State Mesoscopic Solar Cell​
​27 Sept 2013 ​Zhang Yanmei ​NEWRI Introduction to the Fracture Assessment of Offshore Pipelines​
​Abe Yuichiro ​ERIAN ​How to Design Nano-scale Molecular Structure-designing Strategy of Organic Molecules
​Zhao Guili ​NEWRI ​One Type of Interesting and Useful Polymers: Thermo-sensitive Polymers
​Chan Siew Herng ​SCELSE ​Amoeba: The Unseen Threat
​Tan Shi Ming SCELSE​ ​How to Navigate Through Your PhD Journey
​4 Oct 2013 ​Thia Yi Ping Larissa ​NEWRI ​The Dip
Ng Chee Seng​ ​ERIAN ​Introduction to Molecular Dynamic Simulation
​Tan Peng Lung James ​COMPLEXITY ​Introduction to Markov Chains and Its Applications
​Wang Junkit ​NEWRI ​A New World of Printing
​11 Oct 2013 ​Tay Ken ​ERIAN ​On Coastal Low Level Jets and Their Possible Impact on Wind Power Production
​Lee Jian Yuan ​NEWRI ​Introduction to the NEWater Technology
​Wang Jingxian ​ERIAN ​The JANNuS Multi-irradiation Facility for Modelling of Irradiation Effects in Materials
​Wang Yu ​ERIAN ​Introfuction to Renewable Energy Based Microgrids
​Yeo Jia Ling Bibianna ​NEWRI ​The Removal of Difficult Organics in Industrial Wastewaters by Novel MBRs
​18 Oct 2013 ​Pang Li Jian Andrew ​ERIAN ​Turbulence Modelling Around Extremely Large Cylindrical Bluff Bodies
​Ong Chuan En Andrew ​ERIAN ​Wireless Power Transder
​Nandini Shome ​SCELSE ​Introduction to the Polymerase Chain Reaction
​Wang Meng ​NEWRI ​Total Synthesis of Zanamivir
​Wang Jia Cheng ​ERIAN ​Introduction to Energy Efficient High-speed Serial Link I/O in Data Centre
​25 Oct 2013 ​Lee Jie Lin Jaslyn ​NEWRI ​The Importance of Sleep
​Datta Nirmalya ​ERIAN ​Writing Tips in MS Word '10
​Zhang Chaodong ​NEWRI ​Introduction to GNUPLOT
​Prem Kumar ​ERIAN ​Quest for Ultra-strong Permanent Magnets
​Wong Zhen Zhou NEWRI​ ​Nuclear Magnectic Resonance (NMR) in Chemical Characterisation
​1 Nov 2013 ​Cai Zhao ​SCELSE ​Mouse Models Used in Biofilm Studies
​Li Cheng ​SCELSE ​Thermal Simulation Using ANSYS Mechanical APDL
​Sun Peng ​ERIAN ​Future Research Toptics on Hadoop/Mapreduce
​Zhang Yingdan ​SCELSE ​Oxygen Sensing in Biofilms
​8 Nov 2013 ​Chew Su Chuen ​SCELSE ​Micromechanical Methods to Study and Manipulate the Biofilm
​Lua Shun Kuang ​NEWRI ​Introduction to Solar Photocatalytic Treatment of Wastewater
​Xuan Fengyuan ​ERIAN ​Numerical Recipes
​Yam Kuok Hoong Joey ​SCELSE ​Using Flow Cell System for Bacteria Biofilms Studies
​Mu Chenzhong ​ERIAN ​Surface Engineering Issues Critical to Wind Turbine Performance
​15 Nov 2013 ​Koh Wei Xiang Martin ​ERIAN ​LyX, Another Type of Word Processer
​Marcin Karol Rowinski ​ERIAN ​Concept of Harvesting Energy from Fission Source
​Rahul Kishor ​NEWRI ​Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Biosensors
​Natalia Hannah Rahardjo ​LILY ​Death by PowerPoint - Tips on an Engaging Presentation
​6 Dec 2013 ​Tan Hong Huat ​ERIAN ​LabVIEW: An Introduction
​Goh Woon Peng ​COMPLEXITY ​Planning Your Vacation Trip
​Ang Huixiang ​ERIAN ​Introduction to Batteries and Energy Storage
​Zhang Guizhen ​NEWRI ​A Preliminary Optimal Enforcement Strategy for BWMC
​15 Dec 2013 ​Soumili Bhaduri Tagore ​SCELSE ​Enterococcus Faecalis Modulation of the Host Immune Response via NF-κB Driven Pathway
​Huynh Phuoc Tho ​SCELSE ​Thermal Sensors: Principles, Devices and Application
​Niu Zhaojie ​LILY ​MapReduce: The Programming Model and Practice
​Wang Jin ​ERIAN ​Principles and Application of Lithium-ion Batteries