Student Awards



Sharing by Datta Nirmalya
Prior information gathering has definitely aid in my decision to take part in the ENFHT Conference. I was glad to meet like-minded people and receive thier feedback on my work. In order to overcome the communication barrier, I resorted to written exchange and it worked out very well. I was absolutely overjoyed when I received news for the Best Paper Award while on board a cruise ship. Some tips for IGS students, always be at your best behavior as you represent both yourself and NTU. Keep an open mind and interact with as many people. And of course, not forgetting to enjoy yourself during the trip. Most importantly, always have your passport with you and be alert on public transport.
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Sharing by Chen Bo

The E-MRS Meeting in France is a big event in the field of Materials. It has given me opportunities to meet top scientists and experts in this field. Through discussions with the experts, I have learned a lot on newly developed technologies which are very helpful for my research. As one of the winners of the Young Scientist Award, I felt honoured and would like to thank NTU and IGS for the support. To share some takeaways, I will advise you to not only select suitable conference which is related to your research area, but one with participation of many experts.
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Sharing by Zhang Xiao

The E-MRS Meeting in France gave me the opportunity to share my work and obtain valuable feedback from senior researchers. It was through a conversation with one of the interviewers that I realised the importance of closing the gaps with the world. This was indeed an eye-opener. A well planned presentation and many rounds of rehearsals are the key to success. For IGS students who are preparing for a conference, I urge all of you to familiarise yourself with every single detail of your experiment at your fingertips. In communication your research work, be clear and discuss the novelty and be confident during your speech.
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Sharing by Santiago Esteban Montesdeoca
Even though the "Expressive 2016" is a small scale conference, it has made networking, exchange of knowledge and research ideas much easier and also the formation of new friendships. I managed to personally meet key researchers and get individual feedback from the best minds in the field. While it can be intimidating to present my work for the first time, knowing my research topic by heart and showing my passion boosted my motivation and determination. To fellow IGS students, get to know your research community. Unexpected collaborations and internships might be possible from your exchange with fellow researchers. Be open to other cultures, hang out with attendees (over tapas & drinks was amazing) and be confident at the stage. You are the expert on your paper.
 Congrats-Jianyuan SIWW500.jpg
Sharing by Lee Jian Yuan
The biennial Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) is a platform to share and co-create innovative water solutions, which gathers stakeholders from global water industry to share best practises and showcase the latest technologies. It is also part of the government's strategic programme to grow the water industry and develop water technologies. I am excited and grateful to have won the Best Poster Award and to have fostered new networks and friendships during the conference. 
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Sharing by Nur Fadilah Jamaludin
I am thankful for the change to attend the conference and meet the brightest in the field. Not only did I get the opportunity to learn from the celebrities fo the scientific community, but also shared my ideas through the poster competition. Though minor in comparison to the oral presentation, it provided me with a platform to gain valuable insights from leading experts in the field. My advice to my peers would be to select conferences that offer diverse topics and not be restricted to your field of research, so as to broaden your horizons and explore new ideas that would be useful in your quest for new knowledge.
Congrats-Tiep smaller.jpg
Sharing by Nguyen Huy Tiep
Attending the conference was a great opportunity for me to build my network with top researchers and scientists as well as an update on the latest advances in my research field. It was a challenge for me to present my works for the first time in front of a large audience but my wel prepared presentation helped me gain confidence to overcome the anxiety. I feel honored to be presented with the Best Poster Award and am grateful to IGS and ERIAN for the support. My advice to fellow IGS students is to be well-prepared before the conference, be an active participant during the conference and share your learnings with group/lab mates after the conference.