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The year-end treasure hunt and BBQ event was a mix of team bonding and recreational activities. The participants were enthusiastic and bonded well with one another to finish the treasure hu​​nt tasks. BBQ dinner by the beach at Pasir Ris park was great. Overall, the event was a great success to end the academic year with a high note for the IGS fraternity.​​ 


​IGS Year End Celebration c2018
14 December 2018​​

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Workshop with Jilin University​
26 Novemb​er 2018​​​

​IGS Supervisor Talk ​- Science and Serendipity - Paths to an Academic Career by Asst Prof
Yusuf Ali
21 November 2018​

IGS Stude​nt Club - Deepavali Celebration
12 November 2018​
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IGS Student Club - Tactical Archery Game
3 November 2018 ​

The eve​nt was organized as one of the recreational events of t​​he year. It served as good leisure break from the monotonous routine of the IGS students and gave them a chance to mingle. Ev​​ent also emp​​hasized strongly on team building as it involved​ tactics planning, communication, coordination and courageous executi​on. 

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​IGS Distinguished Lecture - Water ~ Matrix, Analyte, Interferant by  
2 November 2018​
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IGS Student Club - Open Games 2018
13,14, 21 Oct and 4 - 5 Nov 2018​

The event was organized by IGS SC. The main objectives were to enhance the spirit of frienship, fellowship and sportsmanship amongst the graduate students and staffs of IGS and other schools in NTU. 

To allow for maximum participation in the various events, it was held over 5 days. Each player/team in the top three places for each games held were awarded a priz (trophy/medal) and a certificate as a token of appreciation.

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​Skin Research Scholarship Information Session
9 October 2018​

​IGS Supervisor Talk ​- Solving Global Challenges The Interdisciplinary Way by Assoc Prof Eric Yap

IGS Student Club Welfare Event: HDB Cleanup
22 September 2018​

The event was conducted in collaboration with YMCA​ Yout​​hs, with the purpose of befriending an​​d helping the disadvantaged elderly living in Jalan Bukit Merah with household chores. Care packages prepared by IGS were distributed. Overall, it was a meaningful occasion which raised awareness of the different issues that disadvantaged elderly face in Singapore. ​  ​

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​IGS Student Club - Ukulele Workshop
14 September 2018​

The workshop was conducted by the Travelclef trainers at the Yunan corner. Participants learnt the basic chords, played simple songs and ended off by performing songs of their choice with the Ukulele. It w​as indeed a great start for students interested in learning string instruments.

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​Graduate College Town Hall
27 August 2018

Prof Jimmy Hsia, Dea, Graduate College - "Our graduate academic and research programmes, a number of which are ranked among the best in the world, currently include more than 9,000 students from dozens of countries. In order to further strengthen our graduate education and research and to provide greater opportunites and assistance to our students, faculty, staff and researchers, NTU has established a new Graduate College.

The Graduate College has been tasked with the strategic mission of ensuring excellence of all graduate progr​ammes, to serve as the champion and chief advocate for graduation education at NTU".​

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​9th University Scholars Leadership Symposium 2018 at the United Na​​tions in Bangkok, Thailand 1 - 7 August 2​01​8​ ​​ IGS ​​Students​ participated in the week-long symposium which had presented great learning value, networking ​and more importantly the inspiration to strive to be a socially responsible young leader. The 9th USLS was well-attended by 1,057 delegates from 87 countries.  Please click here​ to view the inspiring documentation of the event.

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​IGS Convocation Celebration
27 July 2​​​018​​
Aug 2018_IGS Orientation_Cover.jpg
​IGS Orientation 
6 Au​​gust 2018​
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​IGS Student Club - Summer Retreat
21 July 2018​​
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The Straits Time Postgraduate Studies II,1 July 2018

​IGS​ Student Club - Bowling Day
10 Jun​e ​​2018

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​​IGS Distinguished Lecture - Nanotechnologies for Humans and Humanoids by Prof Roberto Cingolani
18 May 2​018​​​​​

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IGS Workshop - Job Search Strategies & Networking​
8 May 2018
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​IGS Distinguished Lecture - From Academic Research to Products to Enterprise - A Case Study for Graphene by Prof Shen Zexiang
25 April 2018
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IGS Student Club - Welfare Event: Elementary English Workshop for Migrant Workers
22 April 2018
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​​IGS Supervisor Talk - Confessions Of My Younger Self As A PhD Student: Failure, Frustration, And Self-doubt by Assoc Prof Cao Bin
18 April 2018
20180328 IGS SC Python WS.jpg
​​IGS Student Club - Deep Learning Workshop
28 March 20​18​​
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IGS Programme Chair (Secure Community) Professor Lam Kwok Yan was invited by Mediacorp News to share his views on Singapore clinching top position in the 2017 Global Smart City Performance study conducted by market researcherm Juniper Research. He provided expert opinions on the use of data science and artificial intelligence technologies and innovations in areas such as security, healthcare, active living, transportation and Fi





Media Interview - Channel 8 News & Current Affairs
20 March 2018

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​NTU scientists discover fish scale-derived collagen effective for healing wounds NTU's Associate Professor Andrew Tan, IGS Alumni Dr Wang Jun Kit and Assistant Professor Cleo Choong are​ part of a team that has found a way to modify collagen from fish scales to make it water soluble and potentially hold drugs to further boost healing.
12 March 2018

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Asian Scientist, 16 March 2018

Tamil Murasu, 13 March 2018

The Straits Times Online, 13 March 2018
The Straits Times, 13 March 2018

IGS Chinese New Year Celebration
23 February 2018
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​IGS Supervisor Talk - The Ups and Downs of my Academic Career by Assoc​ Prof Sierin​ Lim
21 February 2018
Club Bonding 2018.jpg ​IGS Student Club - Bonding Session
11 February 2018
2018 IGS Outreach.jpg
IGS Outreach
25 January 2018
20180105 IGS Orientation.jpg
​IGS Orientation
5 January 2018