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2017 Archery Student Club.jpg
​IGS Student Club Archery Activity
6 October 2017

IGS-ST (Prof Lam).jpg
​IGS Supervisor Talk - Why Pursue a PhD? by Prof Lam Kwok Yan
4 October 2017

​IGS Distinguished Lecture - Biomedical Applications of Organic Electronics by Prof Guglielmo Lanzani
30 August 2017
William Chen Sachindra.jpg
​NTU Scientist use brewery waste to grow yeast needed for beer making.
This waste-to-nutrient technology took Prof Chen and his researcher Ms Sachindra Cooray, a PhD student from NTU's Interdisciplinary Graduate School, two years to develop.
29 August 2017

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The Straits Times Online, 29 Aug
Science Newsline, 29 Aug
The Straits Times (page B11), 31 Aug

IGS Orienation Aug 2017.jpg
​IGS Orientation
10 August 2017

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​IGS Convocation Celebration
31 July 2017

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IGS Summer Retreat 2017.jpg
​IGS Annual Summer Retreat 2017
15 July 2017

IGS-SC Kiteflying.jpg
​IGS Student Club - ArtScience Museum & Kite Flying Activity
17 June 2017

Emergenetics 2017.jpg

Meeting of the Minds Workshop
14 June 2017

Project Academy 2017.jpg Project ACADEMY
2 - 5 June 2017
IGS ST (Prof Cesare).jpg IGS Supervisor Talk - Personal PhD Journey and Beyond by Assoc Prof Cesare Soci
3 May 2017
EDB - IPP Information Session 2017
4 April 2017
SEExpo2017.jpg Sustainable Earth Expo
17 March 2017
IGS Distinguished Seminar - Printed Systems and Single-molecule Electroanalysis by Prof Anthony Turner
17 March 2017
Dragon Boat 2017.jpg IGS Student Club - Dragon Boat Activity
11 March 2017
NTU NITHM - IITB Symposium.jpg ​NTU NITHM - IIT Bombay Symposium II
6 - 7 March 2017
​IGS Supervisor Talk - Interdisciplinary Motivation by Asst Prof Terry Steele
1 March 2017
IGS Student Club - Bonding Activity
26 February 2017
IGS-DL Lim Chuan Poh.jpg

IGS Distinguished Lecture - Singapore's RIE System - Creating the Future by Mr Lim Chuan Poh
15 February 2017

cny 2017 photo gallery.jpg

IGS Chinese New Year Celebration
24 January 2017

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20170104 IGS Orientation - Jan 2017.jpg