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Guo Tao.jpg
NTU scientists developed a brand new distributed system t​​o solve a challenging graph mining problem.

​​​NTU's Associate Professor Cong Gao and IGS Alumni Dr Guo Tao (pictured) built a distributed system to compute Personalized PageRank. Before their approach, there exist no distributed solution for this problem. This work is reported in the SIGMOD 2017 conference, which is the top-tier database conference in computer science​.

In 2018, Dr Guo Tao works as a Reseach Assistant Professor at the National University of Singapore.
Chen Zhida.png
​NTU researchers develop an efficient system for analyzing a large scale of social network data.

NTU's Associate Professor Cong Gao (left) and IGS Student Mr Chen Zhida (right) developed an efficient system which improves the efficiency of analyzing a large scale of social network data using Bi​g Data technologies.
Wan Renjie.png
Reflection removal for images taken through the glass.

IGS Student Mr Wan Renjie’s work focuses on removing undesired reflections existing in the images taken through glass. Supported by his supervisors, he proposed the first benchmark dataset in this area and introduced innovative approaches to solve this problem in many different scenarios.  His work have been accepted by many top conferences and journals in this area. 

Visual object co-segmentation and co-localization.

IGS Alumni Dr Koteswar Rao Jerripothula is among the first batch of researcher to introduce co-saliency into the co-segmentation problem. One of his work received ICIP’s top 10% paper award.  

In 2018, Dr Jerripothula works as an Assistant Professor at the Graphic Era University, Dehradun, India.

Domain adaptation and domain generalization for learning from webdata​.

IGS Alumni Dr Li Niu has done many interesting works on transfer learning based on web data. He is currently shortlisted by a few top universities in China for their Young Thousands Talent Program 

In 2018, Dr Niu works as a Postdoctoral Associate at Rice University, USA.
Gu Jiuxiang.jpg
Bridging Vision and Language with Deep Learning.​

IGS Student Mr Gu Jiuxiang works on a very challenging topic, i.e. image captioning, which requires the computer to understand the image content and express their relationships in a natural language. He made significant research innovations and contributions towards bridging the gap between computer vision and natural language processing.
Chun Kiat SCELSEv2.jpg ​A Commonwealth Rutherford Fellow

In April 2018, IGS SCELSE Alumni, Dr Ng Chun Kiat was awarded the Commonwealth Rutherford Fellowship in University of Oxford. He aims to develop Single-Cell Raman Spectroscopy coupled with Single-Cell Sequencing technology in the field of biofilm development to study specific pheno-typical traits of microbes that may revolutionize practical applications such as contaminants detection, environmental remediation and harvesting of scarce resources in aquifers.
20180312 NTU Scientist.jpg NTU scientists discover fish scale-derived collagen effective for healing wounds.
NTU's Associate Professor Andrew Tan, IGS NEWRI Alumni Dr Wang Jun Kit and Assistant Professor Cleo Choong are part o​f a team that has found a way to modify collagen from fish scales to make it water soluble and potentially hold drugs to further boost healing.

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Asian Scientist, 16 March 2018
Tamil Mura​su, 13 March 2018
The Straits Times Online, 13 March 2018
The Straits Times, 13 March 2018
BiotechinAsia, 12 March 2018
Tang Jing (MAGIC) v2.jpg
Optimizing inter-server commu​nication for online social networks.

IGS MAGIC alumni, Dr Tang Jin's thesis work dealt with data management and analytics for large-scale online social networks (OSNs). He made significant research innovations and contributions towards optimizing the efficiency and accuracy of influence maximization in OSNs and extending its application to profit maximization.

In 2018, Dr Tang Jing works as a Reseach Assistant Profess​or in the Department of ISEM, Faculty of Engineering at the National University of Singapore.

Dr Tang Jing's Research Achievements

  • 9 first-author research papers published in  top computer science conferences and journals, including ACM SIGMOD, IEEE INFOCOM, IEEE ICNP, IEEE ICDCS, IEEE TKDE, IEEE TMM, etc.
  • 1 first-author paper won the Best Paper Award from the 2014 IEEE ICNP conference.

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Chew Su Chuen (News).jpg
​NTU Scientists reveal how microbial biofilms can control their physical microenvironment. (2014 - 2017)

NTU's Associate Professor Yang Liang, IGS SCELSE Alumni Dr Chew Su Chuen (left) and colleagues showed ​​how biofilm bacteria uses extracellular polymers to modulate the physical properties of their matrix  ('slime') microenvironment. This, in turn, impacts the biofilm structure, differentiation, interspecies interactions, and hence survival.

In August 2017, Dr  Chew is a SMART Research Scholar at the Singapore MIT Alliance for Research & Technology Centre.​​
William Chen Sachindra.jpg NTU Scientist use brewery waste to grow yeast needed for beer making.

This waste-to-nutrient technology took Prof Chen and his researcher Ms Sachindra Cooray, a PhD student from NTU's Interdisciplinary Graduate School NEWRI, two years to develop.

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The Straits Times Online, 29 August 2017​
Science Newsline, 29 August 2017
The Straits Times (page B11), 31 August 2017
Santiago v2.jpg

​NTU research in stylization technology used for animated feature films.

IGS MAGIC student Santiago Montesdeoca, supported by his supervisors from SCSE and ADM, has found a way to bridge arts and engineering to enable real-time, art-directed stylization of 3D models and animation. Their research has led to Siggraph and Expressive publications. The latter for which Santiago has become Publicty chair.

The software is being tested and used by individuals and companies alive all around the world - including a animated feature film slated for a 2019 release.

Cartoon Brew, 28 July 2017
Zeng Zhiwei (LILY) v2.jpg
NTU joins force with Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) to push frontiers in early detection and intervention of cognitive declines.

NTU Professo​r Miao Chunyan, UBC Professor Cyril Leung and IGS LILY student Ms Zeng Zhiwei are part of a joint team, including a group of medical doctors led by Associate Professor Chin Jing Jih from TTSH, that is developing a national program empowered by explainable artificial intelligence and behavioral trajectory data analytics for early detection and intervention of cognitive declines under the Ministry of Health (MOH) cognition grant call.

TechStorm, 22 September 2016
Frontline - Channel 8 News, 8 April 2016
The Straits Times, 7 August 2015

William Chen Jaslyn.jpg Turning soya bean waste into a medium for yeast to grow on.

IGS NEWRI graduate, Dr Lee Jie Lin Jaslyn (left) and Prof Chen with the yeast growth they develop​ed and samples of soya bean residue. A litre of their culture medium costs just $2.
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The Straits Times Online, 22 April 2016​
Joey Yam - News.jpg
​NTU scientists use systems biology approach for targeted control of antibiotic-tolerant biofilm sub-populations.

NTU Associate Professor Yang Liang (right), IGS SCELSE Student Mr Joey Yam Kuok Hoong (centre) and Dr Chua Song Lin (left, from LKCMedicine) discovered a way to improve effectiveness of antibiotics based on the social behaviours of biofilm bacteria.

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Channel NewsAsia, 30 March 2016
Today, 31 March 2016
ScienceDaily, 31 March 2016
Aravind ST Article.jpg ​​Duo turn plastic waste into a concrete idea.

Co-founders of technology company BlueRen - Mr Aravind Muthiah (left), a PhD student from NTU's Interdisciplinary Graduate School ERIAN, and Ms Wong Chui Ling (right) - have found an additive to make concrete stronger.​​

The Straits Tim​​es Online, 11 January 2016
Singapore International Foundation
Asia For Good by DBS Foundation
The Edge Singa​​pore, 26 September 2016​
Satheesh Kumar with Award Winning Motor.jpg​​
​NTU and German scientists invent award winning 2-in-1 motor for electric cars.

IGS Research scholar Mr Satheesh Kumar from Energy Research Institute @ NTU (ERIAN) said his award-winning, integrated electric motor challenges conventional design that goes way back to the 1960s when air-conditioning first became popular.

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The Business Times, 1 October 2014
Today, 1 ​​October 2014
AsiaOne, 5 December 2014